Hynes Residence

  • Glen Iris, Melbourne

Designed for a family of five, this extensive renovation project is a great example of making the most of what you’ve got.

Numerous previous additions and alterations resulted in the existing house having 3 different floor levels. Following a thorough concept design process, it was decided to add a fourth level containing three kids bedrooms & a bathroom upstairs, and create an open kitchen dining living area with laundry, guest bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor. To negotiate the various floor level changes, a central void was incorporated in the junction between the existing and new parts of the house. This open space extends through two storeys bringing light to the centre of the house. Operable highlight windows at the top of the void provide fantastic views of the treetops from the kid’s floor and in summer also act as a thermal chimney purging warm air.

The main feature of the design however is the kitchen & living zone. Designed to align to the original foundations to minimise construction costs, the north wall contains an enormous picture window. This window floods the living areas with natural light and visually connects the heart of the house to the landscaped rear yard.

Flexible design was also a key requirement of the brief, as the house design needed to serve the robust & evolving needs of a growing family. In response, a family workstation was incorporated adjacent to the kitchen. Complete with spaces for desktop computer, document & bag storage and laptop & mobile recharge station, the whole area is concealed behind a sliding wall allowing the family to open up or close off their ‘workshop’ at a moment’s notice.

These responsive and site specific design features were a result of extensive briefing and consideration of the client’s needs. The result is a dynamic family home that will cater to the changing needs of the family now and into the future.

See the testimonials page for a client review of this project.

Project sketches and drawings

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  • 01_John McAuley House Design Lounge 3
  • 02_John McAuley House Design Lounge sun
  • John McAuley House Design family workstation
  • John McAuley House Design kitchen 1
  • John McAuley House Design kitchen 2
  • John McAuley House Design Lounge 1
  • John McAuley House Design Lounge 2
  • John McAuley House Design Lounge chairs
  • John McAuley House Design Lounge lemons
  • John McAuley House Design void 1
  • John McAuley House Design void windows
  • John McAuley House Design x front