Every problem is different. A project doesn’t commence with a pre-conceived aesthetic or building appearance in mind. Rather the design process begins with a rigorous analysis of the site and project brief and then typically progresses in the following stages;

  1. Concept Design Stage
  2. Detailed Design Stage
  3. Building Documentation Stage
  4. Contract Administration Stage (If required)


1. Concept Design Stage

The aim of this stage is to explore multiple design options with a view to arriving at a preferred design. This commences with an analysis of the site and authorities requirements; then a series of functional relationship diagrams and concepts are typically explored that respond to both the site analysis and the particulars of your project brief. Typically 2 – 3 concept options will be explored.  Following review, discussion and further refinement, this stage concludes when the preferred design is clearly defined and a preliminary cost of works estimate can be generated.

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3 4


Concept sketches evolve into functional layout diagrams and finally to measured plans resolving the preferred Concept Design  (Resolved concept on the left and Measured Floor Plan on the right)

5 6


2. Detailed Design Stage

This is the stage where the preferred design is developed and refined to meet your requirements. This stage finalises the ‘look’ of the building and all the materials and finishes to be used. The documentation produced will include floor plans, elevations, sections and any other documentation to adequately explain the design such as 3d views. In this stage I will also work with you to finalise the selection of materials and coordinate the work of any specialist consultants (such as a structural engineer and/or quantity surveyor).

Whilst not yet ready for construction, the Documentation produced at this stage will be of sufficient detail to submit for Town Planning approval (if required) and generate a more accurate cost of works estimate.

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7 Schematic DesignME


3. Building Documentation Stage

In this stage I will produce the working drawings and technical documentation necessary to obtain a Building Permit, invite tenders from builders and to use in construction.  The documentation produced in this stage will include measured site plans, floor plans, ceiling plans, roof plan, elevations & sections.  If required it will also include construction details, wet area and joinery drawings and a technical specification describing the works and materials. I will also coordinate and incorporate the work of any specialist consultants such as the structural engineer.

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Soulsby residence Soulsby Residence

Project example completed December 2013Soulsby Residence (click on the link to view images)